Day Bags

This day bag has been made from 1 Belstaff Trialmaster, from the 1990’s. The jacket was on it’s last legs, but now is ready for use after a brief repurposing. As with all bags made and sold by Wax Jackets Cleaned, if cared for in a tentative manner, this item will last many, many years!

This bag was made from quite the collaboration! The jacket we used to design and produce this particular bag is actually a Barbour / Harrods piece of work, from the 1980’s. It doesn’t look that old though, if we do say so ourselves.

The jacket Wax Jackets Cleaned used to make this bag was a noughties garment, more specifically a size 14 (ladies) Newmarket Field Jacket, from Barbour. As with most day bags, there are plenty of pockets and lots of internal room for carrying your everyday belongings!

Another rather old garment was used in the production of this bag, another from the 1980’s. This one, however, is a Burberry jacket. Now a Burberry bag!

These two bags are made from matching jackets, intended to be “Hers and Hers”. These bags have a lot of extra padding inside their walls, boasting extra protection for your contents!

day bag measurements for website 1

Please note that the measurements shown on this image are not absolute and should be used as a guideline. Based on a variety of factors, the finished item will be characteristically different.