UPS Access Point Service


With wax jacket cleaning being such a specialist market, it can be very challenging to find a local business that can provide this service.

As UPS is the primary shipping service in America, we decided to offer a service which allows international customers to use an affordable international shipping service. That said, keep reading to learn more.

Some of the potential benefits presented to customers due to this addition include but are not limited to;

  1. The ability to have your item delivered to an access point. With more than 38,500 worldwide, you can have it delivered up to as late as 11pm! No more booking time off work to collect a parcel! They have also introduced lockers, which are self-service and available 24 hours a day! 
  2. With the first point in mind, you can also take your items to an access point as early as 6am instead of potentially being late to work / an event etc.
  3. Greater flexibility with dropping off / collecting your parcel, as some places may not be open (like a post office, open at 9am, closing for lunch and some closing before 6pm)
  4. Another advantage of using access points, the service is available every day of the week!
  5. The drivers are all employed by UPS and are not self-employed and therefore are more likely to take greater care when loading / unloading your item.
  6. No need to contact us to see when your parcel is delivered at WJC thanks to the full tracking feature of this service.


  1. Click above to find your preferred access point for return
  2. Download and fill in (in its entirety) the owner send in-form (ENCLOSING THE ACCESS POINT NAME AND ZIPCODE)
  3. Save and attach the owner send in-form to an email addressed to
  4. Wax Jackets Cleaned will then book your UPS Access Point label
  5. Wax Jackets Cleaned will email you the label in PDF format (WHICH IS WHY YOU NEED ACCESS TO A PRINTER!)
  6. Safely package your garment/s in a  suitable mailing bag (when doing this, we advise to try and keep the parcel as small as possible)
  7. Print out and attach the shipping label to your parcel
  8. Drop the parcel off at any access point. It does NOT need to be the one you specify on the send in form!
  9. Allow up to 3 working days for delivery. You can also track your parcel using UPS’s online tracker. (Please note the tracking number is contained on the PDF file that we sent to you via email)
  10. RETURN- Once your garment/s have had the WJC VIP treatment, we will contact you for payment (FULL DETAILS ON THE HOW TO PAGE)
  11. WJC will book the return of your garment/s to the access point chosen 
  12. A text and/or email will notify you of its safe arrive at the chosen access point (PLEASE NOTE: YOU HAVE 10 DAYS TO COLLECT BEFORE IT WILL BE RETURNED TO WJC! EXTRA SHIPPING CHARGES WILL APPLY!)


Please note that before doing this for yourself, it is IMPERATIVE that you contact us at Wax Jackets Cleaned to inform us that you plan on sending a wax jacket so we can give some guidance on how to proceed, and what we will require from you.

The note above is especially important because we need some information from you about your item / parcel dimensions before we actually book the label. So, try keeping your parcel as small as possible when possible, as this could save you money on shipment charges.

As you will be sending the item internationally, we will be disclosing that any items that are going to be sent to us are of no value. This is because we are not buying your item from you and the item is being serviced. When done incorrectly, import / customs charges may be applicable. Just do not worry about it!